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Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival FAQs

Q.  Is there handicap parking at Sandy Point?
A.   Yes there is HC parking.  You must have appropriate tags or sticker.

Q.  Is there motorcycle parking at Sandy Point?
A.  Yes

Q.  Is there camping at Sandy Point?
A.  No.  Sandy Point is for day use only.  There is a KOA Campground in Millersville,MD.

Q. Can we stay in our RV overnight at Sandy Point?
A.  No. 

Q.  Can I dock my boat at Sandy Point?
A.  There are only a couple of slips at Sandy Point.  Your best bet is to find a local marina.

Q.  Can we anchor off of Sandy Point and bring a dinghy in?
A.  You must anchor 600’ from shore (marked by buoys).  You may NOT come ashore, though.

Q.  Can we come and go from the event?
A.  Yes, as long as you have a wristband.  Caution, though, the NRP patrols the park outside     of the event for alcohol use.  Our license is only good within the event.

Q.  Do I need tickets for my kids?
A.  Kids under 10 are free with a paying adult.  10 and over are full price.

Q.  Is the Event kid friendly?
A.  There are several kid activities including: face painting, a playground, moon bounces and lots of beach. Beer and wine are served at the park, but the attendees have been very responsible and well behaved in the past.

Q.  Is the park wheelchair friendly?
A.  The park is mostly flat with adequate sidewalks.

Q.  How often do buses run?
A.  Every 15 to 20 minutes. 

Q.  Can I park at Sandy Point?
A.  A limited # of reserved parking spaces are available and must  be purchased in advance. There are also a limited # of non reserved spaces which are available on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Q.  Is there a hotel within walking distance?
A.  The closest hotel is about 2 miles away.

Q.  Do any of the hotels run shuttles to the park?
A.  The hotels do not provide shuttles to the park, but several hotels provide shuttles to the Navy Stadium parking lot.  You will need to check with the hotel.

Q.  Where do I pick up Will Call Tickets?
A.  There will be a Will Call tent at the entrance to the event; right at the bus drop off point.

Q  When will VIP tickets ship?
A.  VIP tickets are sent out the 1st week of May.

Q  When will Parking Passes ship?
A.  GA Parking Passes are sent out the 1st week of May.

Q.  Can we bring water in?
A.  You may bring 2 factory sealed water bottles per person in.  There is water for sale at the festival at very reasonable prices. 

Q.  Do you sell vegetarian food at the event?
A.  Yes.  There will be vegetarian items on some of the food vendors’ menus.

Q.  Can we set up sun tents and umbrellas?
A.  Sun tents can only be set up on the beach and then only if they don’t impede anyone’s view of the stage.  Umbrellas may be set up on the beach and at the back of the viewing area but only if they don’t impede anyone’s view.

Q.  What does professional cameras and recording equipment mean?
A.  Due to contracts with some of the artist certain equipment is prohibited.  This includes cameras with large telephoto lenses, tripods, shoulder or tripod mounted video cameras and stand alone or tripod mounted microphones. 

Q.  I can’t get up from a low back beach chair.  Can we bring regular folding chairs?
A.  Yes, but please try not to block someone’s view behind you.

Q.  Can we bring prescription drugs, insulin, etc. in?
A.  Yes, assuming they are legal.

Q.  Is the published stage schedule accurate?
A.  Barring unforeseen circumstances such as a thunderstorms, and artist cancellations, etc., we pride ourselves on adhering strictly to the stage schedule.

Q.  How close to the stage can we get?
A.  Very close but people up front tend to stand and dance so if that’s not your thing, you may want to sit back some.  With the 2 large screens we have, there really isn’t a bad spot.

Q.  How can we volunteer?
A. Most volunteers return from year to year and are offered jobs 1st.  If you are interested, though, please send an email to and if the need arises, you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator.  March 1st is the cutoff. 



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